Friday, July 29, 2011

day of birth.

On this very day 26 years ago yours truly was born into this world!  Thought I'd get on here and ramble a bit.  Not to be a drag, I'm glad to have celebrated another birthday but its not all cake, candles and presents anymore.  Remember the days as a child you'd wake up first thing and be super excited its your birthday!? This morning I woke up to Facebook messages wishing me a happy birthday, even my grandparents opted for the FB message instead of calling me! Nice.

In fact I did not receive one actually phone call, even from the women who gave birth to me! haha how tinges change as the years go one, hahaha.  So tonight in true small town fashion I am going to a local hole in the wall bar, meeting up with great friends, eating some good bar food and drinking the night away!

That's my two cents on my 26th

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


At the bottom is my link to LUUUX hopefully it works!  Its a great community online where you can talk/read about everything from beauty, heath and fashion to design and fitness! You can also earn points for fab items you can buy in the luuux shop.  Its a great place, I heard about last year but had forgotten all about until a few days ago when I saw some ones link and decided to give it a whirl!  If you check it out please add me as a friend or let me know your experience!  


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer baby.

   I am watch you would call a sun baby, having been born at the end on July and all.  I have always loved the flowing drapey grecian dresses.  This post is inspired by the top I wore on a date tonight....a simple white sleeveless draped top from express.  So go out and worship the sun, with SPF of course!  You don't want to turn into a leather bag ladies and gents!